How to export email messages from Outlook Express?

January 25th, 2013
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Microsoft Outlook Express is a popular email client that is used worldwide by many users to send and receive emails from their Microsoft Windows systems. Sometimes, Outlook Express behaves in an unexpected manner and users face problems in accessing their mailbox data. Outlook Express stores all its email items (emails, contacts, notes, drafts, sent items, etc.) in the form of .DBX file format which is very vulnerable to various internal & external factors. In order to secure important Outlook Express emails, it is essential to protect your emails from threats like accidental erase, data loss and mailbox corruptions. However, among many different reasons, issues related to oversize of .DBX file are very common. (more…)

How to repair Outlook express in better way

October 31st, 2012
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MS Outlook and Outlook Express both are well known email clients but Outlook express has less features than Outlook. Many times, users start Outlook Express and it takes a lot of time in opening. If you are thinking that it is a general issue due to system speed then you are not right. Such symptoms with Outlook express arise when it undergo somewhat problems. (more…)

Troubleshooting the error code 0x800CCCD6 of outlook express

September 17th, 2012
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Outlook express is one of the inbuilt programs of the Window operating system. It is used for email communication over same or different networks. You can create email account in outlook express and configure the new account with POP3/IMAP1 websites also. All communication records of outlook express user are stored in different folders of his/her mailbox. Furthermore, the emails of the outlook user mailbox get stored in DBX files. The DBX files of the outlook user account are stored in specific system location. (more…)

Outlook Express repair software

August 1st, 2012
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Microsoft window comprise several inbuilt applications like internet explorer, notepad, window media player and outlook express. Outlook express is a simple text messaging tool used for email communication and file sharing on the network. Emails of an outlook express mailbox are stored in the system disk in several DBX files. (more…)

Effective way to fix the exception C0000006h error of corrupt Outlook express mailbox

July 11th, 2012
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Outlooks express stores emails and email folders of user mailbox in DBX files. All emails of an outlook express user account are stored in the folders.dbx file. Thus DBX file contains the whole outlook express mailbox of a user. When DBX files become corrupt, it also makes outlook express mailboxes of a network inaccessible. (more…)

Learn how to get around Outlook Express errors and recover your emails

March 28th, 2012
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Have you ever faced problem while sending or receiving mails through your MS Outlook Express email client? The reason for such problems could be the corruption of the DBX or MBX files.

Outlook Express displays different kind of error messages when its DBX file goes corrupt. (more…)

Open blocked attachments in Outlook Express

June 11th, 2010
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Sending large amount of data in the form of attachment is very common in email communication. However, the sending / receiving attachment may or may not be safe. Due to the security reasons, Outlook Express enables you to apply high security parameters on attachments. You can even block incoming attachments in Outlook Express to protect your email account from being affected by any worm, virus, or spyware. Applying security is good but sometimes this security becomes a headache too, especially when you know the incoming attachment is safe for your computer but because of the applied security parameters, you cannot open the attachment.

This article puts light on how you can open the attachment that you think is safe but Outlook Express has blocked it due to security reasons. Mentioned below are the steps that help you open the blocked attachment:

1.Start Outlook Express.
2.Select Tools > Options.
3.Select the Security tab.
4.Uncheck the “Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus” check box.
5.Click the Apply button.
6.Click the OK button.

Now, when you restart the Outlook Express, you will be able to download the attachment on your computer system or you can directly open the attachment. However, it is suggested to scan the attachment after downloading or before opening it. After accessing the attachment, if you again want to apply the security on incoming attachments then select the “Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus” check box once again and then click the Apply button and OK button.

This is how you can unblock the blocked attachments in Outlook Express. Use Outlook Express repair software to repair the damaged .dbx file. The Outlook Express repair software efficiently repairs the damaged .dbx file and recovers all of the deleted and lost emails, notes, contacts, drafts, sent items, attachments, embedded images, etc. The software supports all versions of MS Outlook Express.

Repair DBX File

April 19th, 2010
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The golden rule of managing the size of .dbx file so that it does not reach it maximum size limit (2GB) is to compact the file. If the .dbx file reaches 2GB then Outlook Express starts behaving in a strange manner for example, it starts giving pauses whenever you start it, perform an operation in it, etc. Moreover, the .dbx may also be damaged. To keep you away from such issues, you should compact .dbx file on regular basis. Compacting reduces the size of .dbx file to a considerable extent thus, limits its growth and keeps you away from issues that can come to your way due to .dbx corruption.

When compacting the .dbx file, makes you sure that the process should not be abruptly closed. This is because if the process is aborted suddenly then the .dbx file can be damaged. Once the .dbx file is damaged, Outlook Express cannot access the emails, contacts, etc. stored in the .dbx file thus, leaves you in a critical situation of data loss. You should take precautionary steps to save the .dbx file from damage. However, once the file is damaged, you need to repair it to recover the lost data back in your hand for reuse.

Use Outlook Express repair software for repairing the damaged .dbx file and recovering the lost emails, notes, contacts, etc. An Outlook Express repair software uses advanced email recovery algorithms to quickly and impeccably repair dbx file. Once the file is repaired, the software displays all recovered emails, contacts, drafts, etc. in the same way as you see them in Outlook Express. Now, you can either save the selected email items or all recovered items on your computer system in .dbx or in .eml format. The best thing about the software is it maintains emails formatting and structure. Outlook Express repair software supports Outlook Express 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0.

How to create an email group in Outlook Express

April 6th, 2010
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Do you often need to send the same email message to multiple recipients? Do you send the email to same recipients every time? To send the same email message to many recipients, you either manually type their emails IDs or select IDs from Address book. If yes, then you do not need to do this anymore because here in this article, you will know the process of sending the similar email to multiple recipients without manually typing or selecting their IDs from Address book. You can do that by creating a group of the recipients to whom you generally send the messages.

Once the email group is created, you just need to select the group and Outlook Express itself includes all recipients in the list. Let us now execute the following steps to create the email group in Outlook Express 6:

1. Start Outlook Express.

2. Select Tools > Address Book.

3. Select New > New Group.

4. Type a name for the group in the Group Name text box.

5. Click the Select Members button and then select the recipients in the contacts list.

6. Click the Select button to move the selected recipients in the Members list box.

7. Click the OK button.

8. Click the OK button.

Email group is created. You can create as many email groups you want based on your requirements.

Try Kernel for Outlook Express Repair tool if experience any issue related to the damage of .dbx file. The software has been given five stars rating, as it is the best Outlook Express Repair tool available so far. With the tool, one can repair the .dbx files created in OE 6.0, 5.0, and 4.0.

Resolve the Outlook Express cannot Download Images error

March 25th, 2010
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One of the main problems with most of the users of Microsoft Outlook Express is it does not download the images by default. Instead of displaying the embedded pictures, it shows a red cross (X) mark in place of pictures. At the top of email message “click her to download pictures” link appears. When you click the link, Outlook Express starts displaying the pictures. Now, a question that must be coming in your mind is why Outlook Express does not by default download pictures. Outlook Express does not by default displays images because the images can be offensive for you. Therefore, it gives you a flexibility to judge that whether you want to view the images or not. If you want to view the images then click the “click her to download pictures” link.

In case, you want Outlook Express to download images by default then you can also configure setting in it. Following steps help you to modify settings in Outlook Express to display images embedded in emails:

1. Start Outlook Express.
2. Select Options in the Tools menu.
3. Select the Security tab.
4. Clear the Block images and other external content in HTML e-mail check box.
5. Click the Apply button.
6. Click the OK button.
7. Restart Outlook

Now, Outlook Express displays images embedded in emails and the “click her to download pictures” link does not appear at the top of the email message containing images.
Repair corrupted and damaged dbx files with the help of kernel for Outlook Express Repair Software.