Open Blocked Attachments in Outlook Express

February 20th, 2010
Posted by Simon Cortez | Under Email Recovery

Executing security check on incoming emails and attachments is one of the finest features of Outlook Express. Whenever a user receives an email with or without attachment(s), Outlook Express checks the email to find out possible threats like virus, trojans, and harmful codes. If the software finds any such object within the incoming email, the […]

Using Outlook Express address book in MS Word

February 11th, 2010
Posted by Simon Cortez | Under Email Recovery

“Logon failed. You must log on to Microsoft Exchange to access your address book.” “Error code: Unspecified error” Above mentioned are two common error messages that a user encounters when he tries to mail merge with the Outlook Express address book. Actually, the right process needs to be followed for using Outlook Express address book […]