Deleted Email Recovery

January 24th, 2007
Posted by Simon Cortez | Under Email Recovery

In this post, we describe the importance of cleaning Outlook Express mailbox. We will also describe the process to deal with the situation when some important emails are deleted accidentally. Let us first know why email recovery experts suggest cleaning Outlook Express mailbox at regular intervals. Given below are the reasons that will help you understand the importance of deleting unwanted emails:

  • Unwanted emails that we do not delete play vital role in making Outlook Express file bulky.
  • Bulky Outlook Express file results in
    • Slow Outlook
    • Increase in the chance of DBX damage
    • Increase in the chance of data loss
  • Unwanted emails makes emails management difficult
  • Searching gets slow

Listed above are some reasons that call us to clean Outlook Express mailbox. To clean Outlook Express mailbox, we need to select and delete unwanted emails. One can delete unwanted emails in following ways:

  • Select emails, right-click the mouse, and select the Delete option.
  • Select emails and press the DELETE key in the keyboard.
  • Select emails, click Edit > Delete.

Any of these options can be used to delete emails. When you use one of the above-given methods to delete Outlook Express emails, then the deleted emails are moved to the Deleted Items folder that you have to empty to permanently remove the emails and free up the space occupied by them.

If you think that the process described above to delete emails is lengthy, then simply select the emails, and press the SHIFT + DELETE key. Doing this, the emails are permanently deleted without moving into the Deleted Items folder.

When we clean up the Outlook Express mailbox folder, we sometimes delete important emails. Later on when you recognize that some important emails are deleted, then we start looking here and there to get them back. Here, we tell you the process to recover deleted emails back.

The process to recover deleted emails is called Deleted Email Recovery. To perform Deleted Email Recovery in Outlook Express, you need DBX recovery software like the Outlook Express recovery tool. The software scans the Outlook Express file and recovers all emails stored in the file. The software marks the deleted emails with RED color, so that you can easily identify and save them to the computer’s hard disk in .dbx file.

Once the emails are recovered in .dbx file, import that file to Outlook Express. This is how deleted email recovery works.

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