Get rid of the SPAM emails

March 4th, 2010
Posted by Simon Cortez | Under Email Recovery

SPAM emails come in bulk and occupy a big space of your Outlook Express email storage file. They increase the size of DBX file, slow down the performance of Outlook Express, and irritate the users. None of the users as per research on SPAM messages likes to fill up his/her mailbox from such unwanted messages. Therefore, users seek some easy solution that can help them stay away from SPAM messages. This article lets you know some easy methods to get rid of the SPAM messages. Following are the methods that you can follow to keep your mailbox free from SPAM messages:

  • Block the Sender
  • Block the Domain

Block the Sender

When you receive any SPAM email in your inbox, execute following steps to block the sender of that SPAM email:

1. Select the message.
2. Select the Block Sender option in the Message menu. A dialog box appears.
3. Click the Yes button.

The sender will be added in the list of blocked senders and next time when a mail will come from the blocked email address, Outlook Express automatically marks the message as SPAM.

Block the Domain

Sometimes, it happens that even after blocking a sender, you keep on getting SPAM messages from the blocked email address. In that situation, you should block the domain so that you will not get any SPAM message from that domain. Following steps help you to block the domain:

1. Start MS Outlook Express.
2. Select Tools > Message Rules > Blocked Sender Rules.
3. Click the Add button.
4. Type the domain name. For example,
5. Select an appropriate blocking option.
6. Click the OK button.
7. Click the OK button.

A SPAM message if contains harmful virus programs can also lead into the damage of the DBX file. For example, you receive a SPAM message in your Inbox folder having an attachment containing damaging executable codes that you execute then the DBX file can be damaged. If the DBX file is damaged, Outlook Express cannot access the email messages stored in that file. At that time, you need to repair the damaged file.

Kernel for Outlook Express Repair and Recovery software enables you to repair DBX file. The software scans the damaged DBX file to recover email messages, notes, contacts, etc. in the same format as they were before the damage. Kernel for Outlook Express Repair and Recovery software provides extensive support to Outlook Express 4.0, Outlook Express 5.0, and Outlook Express 6.0.

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