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January 21st, 2007
Posted by Simon Cortez | Under Email Tools

Enforce a robust password policy for the email client in your organization

Creating cracks in the office network and accessing mails of your email client is not difficult for today’s hackers. As there are many forces which make the security passwords vulnerable. So an organization should implement a strong password policy for its users. The importance of a heavy duty password policy and password recovery tool (Outlook Express Password Recovery tool) is the central theme of this blog.

It is the Active Directory which allows an Administrator to set the password policy at the domain & environment level. The Active Directory can remember only 10 passwords and a user cannot repeat them until the usage of 11th one. The set password generally expires after 45 days. Most of the employees set the passwords just for the heck of having a password. For saving the time they assign simple passwords for their email client. In a hurry, they don’t even try to make the password complex by using signs, digits and symbols.

Such negligent password setting habits exist in almost all the organisations. The weekly or monthly password audit would reveal that all the employees are accustomed to this habit. So the IT Managers should encourage the employees for deploying strong passwords. Also, they should correct the negligent password setting habits of the employees.

What would be a perfect password policy?
The IT Managers should assure that the password policy has not become an issue in the organization. They can deploy the single-sign-on project instead of an OTP (one-time passwords) via SecureID token.

The employees can also make the IT Managers task easy by thinking of long paraphrases instead of simple passwords. We can take the example of a sentence that is “Henry he like beverages bottled cold.” Such sentences are easy to remember and at the same time a hard nut to crack.

Security Program Manager, Howard Bunyol says that “lengthy sentences and mathematical statistics form a good password. Howard also suggests having a Password Recovery tool for the email client i.e. Outlook Express Password Recovery tool. This tool can reduce the IT Administrators task of recovering the lost account details and passwords of all the Outlook Express users in the organization.

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