Repair DBX File

April 19th, 2010
Posted by Simon Cortez | Under Email Recovery

The golden rule of managing the size of .dbx file so that it does not reach it maximum size limit (2GB) is to compact the file. If the .dbx file reaches 2GB then Outlook Express starts behaving in a strange manner for example, it starts giving pauses whenever you start it, perform an operation in it, etc. Moreover, the .dbx may also be damaged. To keep you away from such issues, you should compact .dbx file on regular basis. Compacting reduces the size of .dbx file to a considerable extent thus, limits its growth and keeps you away from issues that can come to your way due to .dbx corruption.

When compacting the .dbx file, makes you sure that the process should not be abruptly closed. This is because if the process is aborted suddenly then the .dbx file can be damaged. Once the .dbx file is damaged, Outlook Express cannot access the emails, contacts, etc. stored in the .dbx file thus, leaves you in a critical situation of data loss. You should take precautionary steps to save the .dbx file from damage. However, once the file is damaged, you need to repair it to recover the lost data back in your hand for reuse.

Use Outlook Express repair software for repairing the damaged .dbx file and recovering the lost emails, notes, contacts, etc. An Outlook Express repair software uses advanced email recovery algorithms to quickly and impeccably repair dbx file. Once the file is repaired, the software displays all recovered emails, contacts, drafts, etc. in the same way as you see them in Outlook Express. Now, you can either save the selected email items or all recovered items on your computer system in .dbx or in .eml format. The best thing about the software is it maintains emails formatting and structure. Outlook Express repair software supports Outlook Express 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0.

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